The goal of Diet Inside Out is to convert discouragement and frustration into success. Diet Inside Out helps you transform the struggle of dieting into the pleasure of changing weight.

By moving toward what you really want, you improve your satisfaction and limit deprivation. This approach is both radical and practical – radical by avoiding weight loss gimmicks; practical by changing weight from the inside out, relying on you!

As you peel off layers of excess weight, you will discover how changed and yet the same you are. Like a set of nesting dolls, each one is the same, yet different.

You can start by adjusting your language. Instead of weight loss, try weight change. Change is so much easier to face than loss. Diet Inside Out differs from commercial programs in several important ways.

Diet Inside Out:

  • Takes a holistic approach to weight loss,
  • Addresses weight change as a process, not a project,
  • Incorporates psycho-spiritual material,
  • Focuses on the self, not on food and exercise, and
  • Avoids gimmicks in order to find success.

Diet Inside Out is based in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and serves clients locally and beyond. You can lose weight and enjoy the process.

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